Xiaomi Launched a Gaming PC with a Starting Price of $260

Xiaomi is entering in the desktop PC marketing after gaining massive success in the smartphone industry. The Chinese smartphone giant is launching a desktop PC called Nyingma Soul G16 gaming PC at a starting price of $260.

The PC will be available in three different variants, and all have Ryzen R5 2600 CPU with SSD (Solid State Drive) and 8GB RAM in the base variant and more RAM for the higher-end option. The initial step is a conspicuous one. Xiaomi MI TV Lux the organization moved everything that regularly goes behind the screen into the round remain at the base. This confined all the parts together so Xiaomi needed to take extraordinary consideration when it came to thermals. The chipset inside has its very own warmth sink and is fixed with dabs at the base that go about as vents.

Xiaomi uncovers the mystery behind its straightforward TV – there are openings in the network

Both LCD and OLED boards can be made straightforward, however its simpler to do as such with OLEDs since they don’t require a backdrop illumination module like LCDs. Be that as it may, OLEDs are not normally straightforward either so Xiaomi has included a one of a kind RGBW grid where just a large portion of the screen is secured with pixels while the rest is straightforward.

Xiaomi uncovers the mystery behind its straightforward TV – there are openings in the framework

These pixels are sufficiently fine to get imperceptible at a typical survey separations, however the hole between them is minuscule also, so those aren’t obvious either. This joins to shape a surface that appears to be no unique than an unmistakable glass window.

This raises worries for sturdiness, which is the reason Xiaomi has fortified a 55″ bit of glass to the showcase with UV-treatable paste to secure the board. It is likewise agreed with a metal edge to give the glass inflexibility (as it very well may be found in the principal picture).

There are a lot of other many-sided subtleties engaged with this innovation, which you can look at here.

The TV is as of now available to be purchased in China at a stunning cost of $7200.

Share Version of Xiaomi

The base variant is the share version, which has 8GB of RAM with the AMD RX 550 4GB GPU and a Solid State Drive of 180 GB storage. This variant can support 160 frames per second in League of Legends at high settings. If you want more RAM and storage, then you have to choose the other options.

Fun Edition:

It is a slight upgrade version of the share edition. It comprises the same amount of 8 GB RAM along with the 256GB of SSD. The GPU inside is RX 590 8GB, which can play PUBG at 110 Frame Per setting on a high setting.

Enjoy Edition:

All these three variants will boot up within 9 seconds due to the presence of the solid-state drive.

The Fun Edition has the RX590 8GB GPU instead, the same 8GB RAM, but 256GB SSD. It can run PUBG on high video settings and deliver up to 110 FPS.

Finally, the Enjoy Edition has the same GPU as the Fun model, the RX590 8GB, but starts with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. It can also run PUBG with high video settings and get you over 110 FPS. All of these computers can boot up in just 9 seconds thanks to the Solid State Drives.

The Xiaomi Desktop Gaming PC is available in China for the time being but will eventually make up to the other markets.

The Share Version will cost only $260, while the Fun Edition and Enjoy Editions will be priced at $375 and $433 respectively. It is only available in China right now but will eventually arrive at the international market as well.

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