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Why 3D Printers shouldn’t be illegal in Pakistan?

3D printing may be a producing technique within which a stream of fabric is exactly extruded to make layers and build up a 3 dimensional object. It one among the foremost helpful rising technologies and has been quoted to be probably larger than the web by the money Times and alternative known news sources. Firms everywhere the globe square measure finding applications for the producing technique in industries such construction, automotive, education, medicine, and art.

While most countries square measure arduous at work making an attempt to push the employment of 3D printing by arising with restrictive policies and adding the technology to their college and school curricula, West Pakistan has taken the terribly straightforward route of forbidding the import of 3D printers into the country. The most reason behind this can be that 3D printers could also be wont to build weapons and ammunition, which could prove harmful to national security. Anyone want to import a 3D printer should 1st get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the govt. This proves that like alternative technologies with huge potential, like cryptocurrency, our legislators and alternative powerful establishments notice it arduous to wrap their heads round the positive impacts 3D printing might wear Pakistan’s economy. This text aims to focus on why the ban on 3D printers ought to be raised.

Guns are often created in alternative ways

The terribly 1st reason that 3D printers ought to be allowed in West Pakistan is that the mere assumption that a full gun are often factory-made by victimization shopper quality 3D printers may be a very little ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of 3D printers on the market use plastic to manufacture 3D written elements, the likes of which might not sustain the extreme heat and pressure generated by a gunfire. what is more, the other, a lot of viable ways that to form guns, i.e. victimization machining tools like lathes, etc., square measure widespread in West Pakistan. There square measure places wherever you’ll go and purchase a totally purposeful gun for some thousand rupees. The sheer concept a foul actor would select a 3D printer to manufacture his/her own gun out of soluble and pliable plastic looks a touch absurd.


3D printing has the potential to form education far more interactive for college kids by providing real world models for no matter they’ll be finding out within the room. As an example, a biology teacher will print out a model of associate degree animal cells and let students act with it to realize a higher understanding of its totally different elements and their functions. This active approach can build it a lot of fun for college kids to find out and can keep them a lot of engaged in study material. Similarly, a 3D printer could inspire students to require up STEM subjects supported however they work and therefore the totally different engineering principles behind them.


3D printing is already delivery concerning immense changes in prototyping because of its speed and flexibility. 3D printing permits engineering and style groups to predate ancient prototyping techniques like wood models or CNC machining, which might be long and pricey because of the materials wasted. It instead directly takes in 3D CAD files to provide associate degree ultra-realistic illustration of the designer’s plan quickly and expeditiously. This cuts down on development time and permits designers to check multiple product styles at a fraction of the price as before.


Manufacturing is another space with immense potential for 3D printing. As mentioned antecedently 3D printing avoids wasting materials as a result of its associate degree additive producing technique.

It’s additionally terribly versatile therefore the same 3D printer are often wont to build associate degree nearly infinite variety of product and styles, whereas a conventional production line is ready-made to 1 product solely.

3D printing is additionally a really fast method, and 3D printing units square measure freelance of every alternative therefore producing are often scaled up or down instantly. 3D printing may be a terribly machine-controlled method, therefore it cuts down on labor prices furthermore.

Quality standards for 3D written product square measure terribly high and consistency is additionally insured because of a restricted human issue. The reduction in material wastage is helpful to the atmosphere, and therefore the saved material is well reusable are often wont to print even a lot of product.

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A 3D printer breaks down a style into layers, which might simply be written on high of every alternative, whereas alternative techniques generally cut away at a solid piece of fabric or be part of many elements till the specified form is achieved. Therefore, 3D printers build it attainable to bring terribly advanced styles into production because of their layer by layer approach.


One of the foremost formidable applications of 3D printing is victimization the technology to construct entire buildings. Recently, this ambition became a reality with the completion of the world’s 1st 3D-printed business building in port. firms have popped in countries like port, Germany, and therefore the U.S.A. World Health Organization have developed their own techniques to manufacture buildings by extruding a concrete like combine and rental it harden to make up walls and alternative elements of a building. independent agency even control a style challenge to make a 3D written environment for house exploration and settlement in 2019, that light-emitting diode to multiple productive styles.

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