What are PIXELS? (Pixel, sizes) Resolution and RGB?

What are PIXELS? (Pixel, sizes)Resolution and RGB?

Every person knows about pixels, which is using any display or screen, whether it is a smartphone, computer screen, LCDs or any laptop screens all is based on pixels . We can say that.

“ On a display screen a minute area of illumination, one of many from which an image is composed”.


Let us know about pixels in details,

What is a pixel?

A pixels is invented from two words “Picture” and “Element”means pixels are basically the elements of the pictures.

“On the Computer display or in a computer image the pixels is the basic unit of programmable color, think about that it is a logical unit”.

If we see many multiple colors on any screen it just depends upon pixels, there are thousands or millions set of pixels in this display. pixels are the smallest micro blocks or dots and they are joined to each other without any gap.

Typically you cannot see an individual pixels because it is very small, most people prefer to look clear and smooth image rather than blocky.

What is Resolution?

The resolution is measured to describe the sharpness and clarity of an image, resolution is the number of pixels.

“Computer”, resolution is the size of pixels in a matrix, 640 x 480 may be of a monitor resolution, while the other resolution are 800 x 600, 1,024 x 768 and 1,280 x 1,024  which can make the best image.

“Printer”, If you want to check the printer quality? Its depend upon its resolution which measured its printing quality.

This measurement is known as “dpi” dots per inch, the scanner resolution is also measured in “dpi”.

You will be able to see the individual pixels if you set your computer in low resolution (640 x 480), otherwise, it’s not possible to see a single pixels.

“What is a good pixels resolution?”

Oftenly the good pixels resolution is 300pixels/inch, it is generally accepted the value.

How we can find pixels arrangement into the screen?

The pixels are divided into a screen in a specific way, there are many rows and columns in a screen and one single block in this screen is a pixels.

Your display quality is good as the pixels are good, if any mobile or LCDs or laptops’ pixels are good they will give the best picture quality. 

A pixels is a single point in a graphic image the graphics picture of the display is divided into the thousands and millions of pixels, these pixels are so close together that they appear connected.

“How many sub-pixels in a pixels?”

There are three sub-pixels in a pixel, for instance, LCDs typically divide each pixel vertically into three sub-pixels, each sub-pixel is automatically rectangular.

How do you determine the Pixel size?

We can determine the pixel size by using a specific formula which is Pixels/DPI= Inches.

The physical size of an image can be calculated if we know the actual pixel according to its width and height of an image. The output resolution which can be used enters the width and height of an image in the calculator.

What are the RGB colors?

In the pixels, there are only three colors and these are called RGB colors. These RGB colors arranged with each other without any distance, if you will extra zoom your image you will see blocks in three colors and these three colors appearance RGB. 

Do you know what is RGB?

RGB means a collection of three colors Red, Green and Blue, that can mix together to create any type of color.

White light is created when the highest intensity of each color is mixed together if each color is set to zero intensity the black color is formed.

For creating a color image is used four colors which are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK). 

Well RGB can create thousands or millions of colors, could it imagine it these three colors will be helpful for creating 16777216 colors.

HSL and HSV colors:

In the 1970s were designed HSL and HSV colors as the alternative representation of RGB colors models by Computer Graphic researchers.

HUE is the degree on color wheel from 0 to 360, there is Red is 0, Green is 120 and Blue is 240. So, HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.

The LED is turned off when the Red pixel is 0 and if the Red pixel set to 255 the LED light turned on.

Pixels Types:

Pixels Per Inch (PPI):

PPI is pixel Per Inch or its also known as which is pixel Per Centimeter, the printed photo resolution is mostly measured in DPI (Dot Per Inch).

If anyone wants to know the printer can print how many dots of ink on per line or per inch its depend upon DPI, because just DPI can measure it. However, the picture density of an electronic image device is measured by PPi. Alike monitor, computer, printer or scanner. Usually, the good quality photograph used 300 PPI (Pixel Per Inch) according to industry standard.

Even if with high DPI photo is printed it will be represented as high as PPI, it is used in the only digital photo.

If there is used a digital camera this number is straight allied to the set of megapixels. 

Such as the picture of 2048 vertically and 3072 horizontally of pixels is captured by original Canon Digital Camera and its Rebel is 6.3 megapixel.

So, if the PPI is 3072px./6 inch the image would be 4×6 in printing, means its pixels Per Inch (PPI) would be 512.

If we come to the modern printer its minimum printing resolution is 300 DPI, that’s the reason sometimes we don’t find the best quality image as sharp as we like, because, there is PPI is less than 300.


Each pixel vertically divided into three subpixels in LCDs, typically, each subpixel will necessarily rectangular, when the square pixels divided into three subpixels.

According to the terminology of the display industry, often subpixels refer to as pixels, the single color sensor region is mostly used in the digital camera image sensor.

We can take two different approaches with sub-pixels,

  • The smallest addressable imaging element with full-color pixels, the sub-pixels can be ignored.
  • The rendering calculations which needs more analysis and processing time, the sub-pixels can be included these types of calculations.


Millions of pixels can create a Megapixel (MP), on the other hand, this term can be used for the number of an image sensor element of a digital camera. 

Basically, it’s not used only the number of an image, it can also be used for the number of the display element in the digital display. the digital camera not only used the charged coupled device (CCD), similarly, it is used photosensitive electronic.

The Micro-Four Third System Camera has introduced one method to add Megapixels, this camera uses only 16 MP sensor. Even, by making two exposures it can produce 64 MP RAW means (40MP JPEG).


The Gigapixel creates when the one billion (109) of pixels are together, however, the 1 Megapixel camera can capture 1000 times information.
We can say that the one Gigapixel is equal to a square image, which has 32, 768 pixels according to its width and height. There are only a few cameras can capture a Gigapixel image, such as PAN-STARRS PS1 and the Gigapixel Camera, these are capable of capturing a Gigapixel image in a single sweep.

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