Amazing Top 10 websites for a freelancer (s)

Amazing Top 10 websites for a freelancer (s)

This article attempts to give you a basic idea about freelancing websites and for this purpose, I have listed down the top 10 websites for a freelancer (s). This information will definitely be beneficial for you if you want to start your career as a freelancer.

In this modern world, many people find jobs that could be done from their homes and freelancing websites are of one opportunity amongst many. The best thing about freelancing is that it does not require any prior experience. You just need a laptop with a good internet connection to start working on these websites. You can utilize your simple skills on these websites and can earn well.

freelancer is a global freelancing platform where individuals and businesses interact with each other and collaborate remotely. Upwork provides multiple job opportunities according to different skills where clients find the freelancer (s) to get their tasks completed as per their requirements. introduced in 2003 with the name of Odesk initially thereafter, its name was changed to Upwork. It became a popular freelancing platform within a short period of time. Upwork has approximately 10 million registered freelancer (s) and around 5 million clients. Upwork posts nearly 3 million jobs every year which worth around $ 1 billion.

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top 10 freelancing websites is a freelancing platform particularly for those who possess skills in the field of software development, programming, graphic designing, and business consultancy. This is a market place for those freelancer (s) who have vast experience in the above-stated fields.

However, new freelancer (s) are not easily welcome here unlike other freelancing platforms. follows their standard hiring procedures which are followed by a scheduled interview on Skype in which individual expertise and experience are assessed. Besides, the hiring manager also evaluates the candidate’s communication skills.

Furthermore, is one of the highest paying freelancing websites which worth this painstaking hiring procedure. An individual can earn up to $200 according to his expertise. Therefore, if you think that you are able to meet hiring criteria so starting working today.

freelancing website was started with the aim to provide remote talent for any entrepreneur or organization of any size. Codingninjas is a kind of community which exclusively hires software developer and programmers only.

Codingninjas is very much similar to Toptal in terms of their hiring procedures. Every freelancer is required to pass 3 steps vetting process upon which coding ninjas evaluates the freelancer (s) performance that whether the freelancer is eligible to work with them or not.

Coding ninjas intend to provide the best services to its clients regardless of project length and budget. Upon the client’s requirement coding ninjas make available freelancer who is the best fit by qualification and availability. Coding ninjas also offer live support and always gives the assurance of the quality of work.

If you are seeking to start your career as a programmer then coding ninjas may be the best for you for long term projects.

freelancing website is an Australian based freelancing website, where potential employers interact with the freelancer (s) by posting a job. It was founded in 2009 and has become the world’s largest freelancing website.

Working on is quite easy but patience is the key because to penetrate a new market is not easy. You will not start receiving orders immediately just after registration you have to show consistency. Moreover, you must maintain a unique profile in which you are required to provide all the information regarding your area of interest, personal information and so on. A well-maintained profile is likely to attract more employers.

You will be given 8 bids when you are registered on, bids are like chances to get projects from your employers. Whenever the employer posts a project on the website according to your selected field of work, you will get an automatic notification.

After receiving a notification you will have to make a bid on the project by preparing an attractive proposal for your client in which you convince your client that how can you be the best fit for the required task.

freelancing website is an also Australian based freelancing website mainly for graphics designers. It is the best platform for those who want to start their career in the field of graphic design. only hires talented and experience designers around the globe to provide the best customer services to its clients all over the world.

There are two ways of getting projects on which is quite different from other freelancing websites because there is no bidding system.

The first one getting enrolled in the contest. Now how the contest works, whenever the client opens their brief to the entire designer community registered at all the designers submit their ideas to the client and whose idea seems more attractive then the client hires him.

The other one is hiring a designer. finds itself the best fit for the project whenever the client posts the requirement. pays a handsome amount to its freelance (r but it all depends upon the level of experience of the designer as there are three levels of entry, Mid, and top.

Fiverr is a famous freelancing website that deals in multiple categories and the reason for its popularity is the project price which starts from only $5. An employer can get almost everything on this website whether it is a web developer, graphic designer, voice-over artist, content writer and so on.

Unlike, on Fiverr registered freelancers have to create gigs. Gigs are like a proposal in which freelancers provide details about what can kind of work they can do, how much time will they take to complete the project, what will be the additional charges for express delivery, and so on.

These gigs provide a clear picture to the client and the client can easily reach out to the freelancer which the client thinks will be the best fit for the project.

The amazing thing about is that freelancers can create different packages for the client according to the work usually the packages include basic, standard, premium which starts from as minimum as $5.

freelancing website
freelancing website is a freelancing website where companies find freelancers for commissioned work. It was founded in 1998 and it has around 8 million employees throughout the world whom has already paid approximately $250 million to its registered freelancers up till now.

Working on is almost identical as a gives 10 bids per month per account which can be used to send proposals to clients according to your skills and as per the requirement of clients.

If you are a new freelancer and have no prior experience and knowledge about freelancing than could be the best platform for you to start working. It is easier to get work here than other freelancing websites.

freelancing website is a UK based freelancing platform that pays its freelancer in two ways per hour or a freelancer can charge lump sump amount according to the project.

Working on PeoplePerHour is almost the same as other freelancing websites. Peopleperhour has three types of jobs available for the freelancer which are small skills, medium skills, and reasonable jobs. The hourly rate of payment completely depends upon the skills of the freelancer. The more skills freelancer have, the more freelancer earns.

Whenever the client posts a project PeoplePerHour’s artificial intelligence matches and finds the best freelancer which profile or skills match with the relevant project. Thereafter, freelancer sends their own tailored proposal to the client, which the client review the proposal and if it looks attractive the client makes an offer to the freelancer.

If somebody aspires to work on an hourly rate and have a low set of skills than he can start working on

freelancing website is also a freelancing website. This freelancing website does charge on your every project. However, it Charges $7 as a subscription fee monthly.

Freelancer (s) can earn here without giving commission to the website. However, the biggest disadvantage of is that it has no protected payment system. Freelancer has to trust the client that the client will release the due payment upon the job is done.

Nevertheless, freelancer (s) can get some payment in advance to reduce the risk of not being paid by the client by convincing him before starting work on the project. is India based freelancing website. Most of the clients come from India therefore, it is easy to convince the client to give you the project because there will be fewer language barriers you can communicate with them Hindi.

The client usually searches freelancer (s) on according to the city. It has a FaceBook option also which means that freelancer (s) can also work through the FaceBook account. mostly pays to its freelancer (s) by the cheque or through PayPal account.

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