Tick Tok was fined $ 155,000 for violating children’s privacy

Privacy watchdogs say that the favored Tik Tok video app is violating a children’s privacy law and putting kids in danger. Thursday with the Federal Trade Commission saying that TikTok is collecting personal information of youngsters under 13 without their parents’ consent.

TikTok, owned by Chinese company Byte Dance, has exploded in popularity with children because of its goofy, lighthearted feel and simple use.

At the same time, its drawn scrutiny from U.S. officials concerned about national-security risks thanks to its Chinese ownership and its popularity with kids.

TikTok paid a $5.7 million fine to the FTC in 2019 over collecting personal information from kids under 13, a violation of the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. But the privacy groups say it’s easy for teenagers to use TikTok without parental consent. Kids can check in with a fake birth date to use the complete, adult version of the app TikTok uses the info it collects from users, like their location, what’s in their messages and what videos they watch, to work out what new videos to point out them and for targeted advertising.

The privacy groups asked the FTC to research and fine TikTok. The commission said it received the complaint but had no discussed it.

According to a recent report, TikTok developers are in deep waters in South Korea as well. The Korean Communications Commission (KCC) has fined the company for 186 million won or roughly 155,000 US Dollars for mishandling of child data.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has fined the corporate for 186 million won or roughly 155,000 US Dollars. For those unaware, the KCC acts because the regulator and over watches the country’s telecommunications and data related sectors. The fine it’s imposed on TikTok is thanks to the corporate failing to guard users’ private data, especially regarding its younger user demographic.

According to KCC, a minimum of 6,0007 pieces of kid data were collected between 31st May 2017 and 6th December 2019. Furthermore, TikTok had also failed in notifying its users of the transfer of private data overseas. The investigation also revealed that the corporate uses four cloud service providing companies, namely Alibaba Cloud, Fastly, Edge cast, and Firebase.

This news arrives just a couple of weeks after TikTok announced that it might be exiting the Hong Kong market, thanks to China’s new security laws.

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