Technology a blessing or a curse

Technology a blessing or a curse

Technology has played a vital role in moulding our lives into better living for many years. Certainly, many countries around the world have developed and attained economic stability, promoted their culture, and made their civilization stronger with the use of technology.

Technology not only helped these countries to grow, but it also brought people closer around the world. Most of the things that were considered impossible in the past are now not only possible but are being done efficiently.  Technology has procured immense benefits in the field of medical sciences and engineering.

Technology keeps us informed about what is happening around us, the world has become a global village with the blessings of technology. Despite having a lot of benefits, technology has a dark side too and this article attempts to analyze whether technology is a blessing or a curse.


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Gone are the days, when people would use different media of communication such as carrier pigeon, telegraph, handwritten letters sent by mail and many more. Senders would wait long for the replies and the process of communication was also long and tedious. Thanks to technology which has evolved these processes into reliable, fast and secure methods. 

Nowadays, with the help of technology communication has become easier than it was in the past. We have technology like smartphones and the internet which helps us to communicate verbally or in writing with anyone around every corner of the world. Other media of communication such as print media, television, broadcasting, and advertisement have also greatly influenced our society.

On the contrary, communication technology has also some devastating drawbacks. Telecommunication companies use ultra-high frequencies to transmit signals which can be a great threat to our indigenous bird species such as sparrows. Their lives are at stake and some of them are on the brink of extinction, it would vanish soon if we did not find ways to save them. In addition to this, the battery used in smartphones consist of some deadly elements which emit high radiations and these radiations caused tumor due to the excessive use.

Children development:

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When it comes to childhood development, it may be difficult to say either technology is a blessing or a curse in this domain. However, in some stages of child upbringing technology has much to provide but as the child grows it could be disastrous.

Excessive use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and television can be the cause of the destruction of not only child health, but it will also leave a negative impact on the child’s mentality.

Moreover, usage of these technologies without the supervision of parents can massively influence the children’s thinking process because children are more likely to access explicit material on the internet.

On the other hand, it is also beneficial if parent inculcates the habit of using these technologies in a productive way such they are given educational games and videos which will help to develop and articulate interpersonal skills and cognitive skills.

Opens wider window to new opportunities:

Technology has opened a wider window to new opportunities such as e-commerce and online earning. Most of the people use technology as a medium to promote their business and hugely benefit from them such as Facebook advertisements and YouTube ads.

Nowadays people don’t bother going to markets to purchase clothes, groceries, and other items of daily use. They can purchase all these things online by using e-commerce websites.

On the other hand, online earning is another great benefit amongst many of the technology. In this fast pace world, most of the business transactions are done online due to which many doors to opportunities have opened for many people. Online earning is not like a pipe dreaming anymore. People are earning well by using online platforms.

On the contrary, when we look at the other side of the picture it has demerits too because in online shopping there is a high risk of scams. As far as online earning is concerned, there is also a high possibility that you will be deceived if you are not working on a legit platform.

Development of a country:

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We all know that in today’s world the power of any country is not judged on the basis of their armed forces or how many wars they have won in the past. However, those countries which have developed themselves in the technological areas are more powerful than others. Japan, America, China and other European countries are some live examples.

These countries have made their economies strong and are ruling the world today due to the advancement in technology. They have all the modern types of machinery and other technologies which helped them to boost their economies. The people living in these countries are more likely to live prosperous life as compare to those living in under-developed countries.

Although all the technologies they have set them apart, it is also a curse in such a way that the countries with nuclear powers tend to spark wars with under-developed countries. They would consider them inferior hence, there will be no sense of equality between them and those countries which are in power will keep suppressing them.    

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