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Something about 7D Technology

7D Technology
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Dear friends’ today’s world is the technology world our world become much modern by time to time. Nowadays we are getting benefits through 3D technology, but after sometimes we can use 7D technology.

You must think about the 7D technology that “What is 7D technology?”

Today here we are telling you about 7D technology that what is this and how will work in the future?. 7D technology will become very fast introduced in future, in this technology, the picture will represent in front of you instead of screen and wall this picture will be seen very sharp that you will have Eyesight but you wouldn’t feel.

Much more details about 7D Technology

we know something more details about 7D technology in this technology the picture and the characters will very clear that you feel your real room scene may have vanished.

It may possible that you would see the best performance of Shahrukh Khan you want to try to hug him, or if you see a beautiful mountain scene you may be bumped with a sofa in the wish to reach on it.

The best thing about this technology that the scene and picture will not like films ghost while the light and contrasts will very normal that your Eyesite’s will not affect. This technology also called “HOLOGRAPH”, this technology is the collection of laser lights with the help of it the films scene will be shown like real. Until now 4 exhibitions of this technology have been done,

its 1st exhibition held in London where the savage forest animals have shown moving on the earth its exhibition is very interesting.

The 2nd exhibition was held in America it was very amazing. Where the people were collected in a ground in this exhibition to play a sea video in this video scenes take from the outer layer of ground sea where the dangerous sea animals swim everywhere, when play video a particular color spread everywhere after that a hubbub of water has seen in this color and direful tom swim have seen in this water for few minutes people feel themselves in the sea they felt the fish and many more sea animals swim around themselves. This was very close to reality.

The 3rd exhibition was held in London on London escort where icy animals have been seen playing on the icy beach it was not a reality while it look real it was just due to 7D holography.

The 4th exhibition also held in London in this exhibition a colossal fish has been seen bloat from the sea you can search these videos from youtube by the name of holography or 7D videos.

In 1873 television was invented, this invention turns all professions and companies of the world in a different amazing direction this tv was just showing pictures after that it shows black and white scenes. In the past its size is very big like a drum but passes by day to day it becomes small and modern.

At last in 2013 the L.G TV companies introduced L.G TVs and they said that its very latest and modern and no any company can make like this. They litigated that after our invention of L.G TV no any company can’t make tv like this. At last they introduced UK Ultra HD which becomes the best product of the world companies, but soon an American company break their litigated they introduced virtual reality device it looks like glasses which put on eyes take the person in films world far from the real world, this device shows the scene really that the person felt himself the part of this world. The makers of this device litigated that no more anything can make above from it, but 7D holography also denies it.

Its true that the 7D holography technology has not come in the market because its makers said that they make it most modern, they want to make it outclassed that the sunlight can’t affect it. When you want a day, you can change night in the day and day can replace in the night.

They also try that this technology is not limited to a room or a hall they want to make it able to change the area from 15 to 50km, so we can change the barren earth into the greenery place. And they also want to make it able that it can change a peaceful place into a dark evening that the people can feel themselves in the hell.

For this purpose, firstly, they will use 3D technology after that it converts into 7D hologram technology.

How to play 7D holographic video?

Friends for play this video we make 6 pieces of the picture after that put laser lights on earth and ascent on 6 places and play this video.

This picture comes in the centre completed like a dot, after that this picture become moving in front of us like the real world it looks like alive human or thing.

Religion point of view

7D Technology
Image source @ needpix.com

If we see this technology religion point of view it’s like the full preparation for “DAJJAL” arrival because just he will use this humanness values technology.

The scientists use to holographic technology for unlimited purpose, they making laser satellite. I’m thinking if it making just for human entertainment “Why not its make just limited just for a room or a hall?” Why its apply to all over the world by satellites? The scientists work day and nights for making it more unlimited they create heaven and hell on the selected area from satellite and stop the sunlight on selected area create crops issues. It’s also called “PROJECT BLUE BEAM”  

Friends it was 7D holograph technology information.

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