Samsung Exynos 1080 launched: Flagship power in a very mid-range chipset

Samsung Exynos 1080 launched: Flagship power in a very mid-range chipset

Samsung antecedently confirmed the Exynos 1080 chipset to US last month, revealing that it’ll provide the most recent Cortex-A78 CPU cores and latest Mali-G78 GPU technology. Now, the firm has created things official by launching the processor in China.

The new method or is constructed on a 5nm method associated options an octa core CPU, with one Cortex-A78 core clocked at a pair of.8Ghz, 3 Cortex-A78 cores clocked at a pair of.6Hz, and 4 Cortex-A55 cores at 2Ghz. Samsung claims that single-core performance has been boosted by five hundredth whereas multi-core performance gains a 2x boost.

Mobile Processor

Exynos 1080

5G processor which will build Your phone fly.

Built to empower a replacement generation of mobile experiences, Samsung’s Exons 1080 mobile processor combines last 5G and AI capabilities into one powerful 5 nm EUV process-based chip.

Welcome to the quick lane

Experience lightning-fast web and seamless connections anytime, anywhere. The Exynos 1080’s integrated electronic equipment adds new levels of speed to downloading content, permitting you to stream and cargo quicker, with lowest latency and lag. The processor is compatible with each styles of 5G networks, mm Wave and sub-6GHz, enabling downlink speeds of up to five.1Gbps on the latter.1 plus, with support for each Bluetooth® five.2 and Wi-Fi half-dozen, the Exynos 1080 ensures that you’re perpetually connected.

*The delineate device shown could be a fictitious creation. No simulation of any real product is meant.

Harness verity power of AI

Get ready for smarter and additional convenient mobile experiences. Designed to support quicker and safer on-device AI, the Exynos 1080 takes intelligent services to successive level by enabling applications like virtual assistants and AR to method data directly on your device. A robust neural process unit (NPU) and digital signal processor (DSP) build the Exynos 1080 capable of running up to five.7 trillion operations per second, that is quite enough power to support a good vary of AI applications.2


The power to try to additional

Multitasking has ne’er been therefore straightforward. supported the tri-cluster design, the processor’s octa-core CPU consists of 1 Arm® Cortex®-A78 core optimized for peak performance, 3 Cortex-A78 cores for balanced process, and 4 Cortex-A55 cores for potency. Optimized for brand spanking new kind factors, this powerful combination of cores offers the performance required to master multitasking.

Level up your vice sessions

Get a grip on the competition with lifelike visuals that immerse you in your favorite games. The Exynos 1080 takes mobile vice to a full new level by conveyance console-like gameplay to your mobile device. This can be created attainable because of Samsung’s incorporation of Arm’s second-generation Valhalla architecture-based Mali™-G78 GPU. Once vice, this powerful GPU permits the Exynos 1080 to amplify your immersion with sleek, elaborate visuals, whereas additionally reducing load times and lag.

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Bring your content to life HDR10+

Experience a replacement world of detail on your smartphone’s screen. The Exynos 1080 places medium viewing experiences within the palm of your hand by combining support for each high refresh rates and HDR10+. The processor’s support for refresh rates of up to 144Hz fully HD+ allows an extremely sleek and interactive bit response. Compatibility with HDR10+, a complicated dynamic vary technology, widens the vary of what’s visible in content by dynamically optimizing brightness settings to boost colors and contours in every scene.


Making smartphone cameras smarter

The Exynos 1080 makes it simple to capture unimaginable content. Anytime you are taking a photograph, the processor’s on-device AI instantly detects objects and scenery within the camera’s frame, and its image signal processor (ISP) optimizes settings to provide the most effective attainable shot. . Plus, with support for true 10-bit recording, you’ll even record your own lifelike HDR10+ videos.

5nm process Say greeting to unbelievable battery life

Game, stream and keep connected for extended. The Exynos 1080’s outstanding power potency frees up additional battery for the apps and options you employ the foremost. The method or is in a position to maximize its low-power performance because of an extremely advanced style and Samsung’s 5nm EUV Fine process technology. The Exynos 1080 is that the initial product to be supported the 5nm method that permits for the event of smaller, additional power-efficient chips, and opens the door for smartphones to feature slimmer styles and unbelievable battery life.

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