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Top Ten key facts polytechnic education is essential in 2020

Polytechnic education plays a viable role in any country`s socio-economic development. It aims to promote technical, vocational, training, and skills development. Thus, polytechnic education equips people with expertise to boost up their country`s wealth. It reduces unemployment by creating a skilled workforce. It helps to enhance human development. Polytechnic education is a kind of short course; one can get it in a short period. Moreover, it gives you hands-on experience and practical knowledge about your course. Polytechnic education covers various courses in engineering, technology, computer, Artificial Intelligence, management, pharmacy, and arts. These short courses are most demanding in almost every field. Polytechnic trained students are more practical oriented as compared to university graduates. 

In any country`s drive towards industrialization, the Polytechnic trained graduates play a valuable role. Because they have distinct practical expertise, required skills, and experience. Industries demand a skillful workforce and cheap labor force to enhance their production growth and development. To fulfill this demand of industries, polytechnic trainees are the more suitable choice as compare to university graduates who lack such skills and practical knowledge. With the advent of technology, the importance of polytechnic education has dramatically been increased.

Top ten key facts of polytechnic education are discussed below:

1. Polytechnic institutions offer a variety of courses

Polytechnic education is specially designed for students who do not have access to higher education. It is for those students who want to maximize their area of interest. It helps them to earn their livelihoods, become financially independent, and support their families. Students can earn money during learning.

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2. Polytechnic education is a short course

The first and most important thing is that polytechnic education is a typical short course. It offers various short courses like three, six, and nine months diploma depending upon the nature of courses. According to future perspective and their area of interest, students are free to choose any path they like, such as Electronics and communication, Automobile engineering, production engineering, electrical, civil, and many others. 

3. Polytechnic courses are job rewarding courses 

Polytechnic education emphasizes more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Having expertise in efficiently involved, polytechnic trained graduates quickly grab best jobs without wasting time. The polytechnic institutions offer courses that are mostly demanded by industries. So the polytechnic trainees can fulfill the requirements of companies.  

4. Excellent practical exposure

As discussed earlier, polytechnic education prefers a rational approach to learning than theoretical knowledge. Because of this, polytechnic graduates perform better than regular university graduates. One thing is worth mentioning here. It is advised students to pursue their further education after completing a polytechnic course.   

5. Polytechnic institutions produce skillful labor in the market

With the increasing number of polytechnic institutions, most people are opting for polytechnic education. You have to equip yourself with some skills and experience in a particular field. In this cut-throat competitive environment, you cannot hunt a job. Polytechnic education has been producing skillful and cheap labor force in the market. 

6. Students can quickly get admission in the polytechnic institution

Owing to a large number of polytechnic institutions, students can promptly get entries in them. Further, polytechnic education encourages students to add more skills that meet market demands.  

It is a short cut way to learn a new skill and get employment. The qualifying entrance test of polytechnic institutions is easily comparable to university entrance exams.  

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7. Polytechnic education is less expensive as compared to a regular university degree

Most of the students cannot afford the hefty amount of university fee because universities charge a higher price. Therefore, they find polytechnic education as a golden opportunity for them. Moreover, the fee structure of polytechnic institutions is reasonable and stable throughout the session. 

8. Polytechnic education strengthen women empowerment

In this modern era, the participation of women in any field is inevitable. Without their involvement, the socio-economic 

growth of any nation is not possible. They play a crucial role in the country`s development. Polytechnic institutions provide a platform where they can acquire professional skills and hands-on expertise. Polytechnic institutions offer specialized courses for women including, sewing, cooking, interior designing, fashion designing, ceramic painting, pottery making, and much more.   

9. Graduate as entrepreneurs

with rapidly increasing unemployment across the world, most of the students desire to start up their own business. However, starting a business is not an event, but it is a lengthy process that takes long years to become a success. In this regard, polytechnic education enables students to become successful entrepreneurs. There are many advantages of entrenruship it not only creates employment opportunities but also boosts up economic growth. 

10. Students have multiple choice

If you are enrolled in any university and want to add another skill to your qualification, you have to complete your degree program first. On the other hand, polytechnic institutions provide the facility to the students to study two different courses at the same time. In this way, students can become able to have as many skills as they want. Besides, they can be able to make their career more secure.   

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