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New and ameliorate sanhok map and to introduce other changes PUBG season 8

Sanhok has never been a massively popular map on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds but PUBG Corp is hoping to change that with the game’s latest update. According to a teaser trailer released earlier today, we should be seeing the new and improved version of Sanhok in the next couple of weeks.

PUBG proclaimed that Season eight is nearly here and players ought to steel oneself for what area unit clearly large changes to the Sanhok map. The new season is additionally progressing to mark the start of a replacement hierarchical Season together with a replacement Survivor Pass. That entire area unit incoming with Update eight.1, that launches to measure serves on Gregorian calendar month twenty two.

 The jungle location has been born-again into associate “overgrown abandoned paradise” that offers new challenges for players to fancy.

The Sanhok map is one of the foremost widespread maps at intervals the sport because of its middle-range size, the prospect for loot, and nice balance. PUBG has restored each part at intervals the map in line with player feedback and information, additionally as incorporating upgrades to the art and elegance parts. A number of the foremost widespread locations (Boot Camp, Ruins, Pai Nan, Khao, and Quarry) all got special attention for these updates. There are 2 new locations: the popular Getaway and field.

Sanhok has been reworked from scratch so as to not solely provide it a much better look, however additionally bring with it additional balanced game play. View example Boot camp. The reworked version offers loads of lines of sight for people who need long vary fights whereas additionally giving protect players so as to maneuver on opponents. Then there also are the underground areas for people who like some shut quarters action. The amendment was created to heighten the chance versus reward game play.

For people who keep in mind Quarry, they most likely still feel the rather unbalanced expertise. With Update eight.1, this is often not solely been created additional truthful, however additionally brings with it some fun. The stone blocks, for instance, area unit currently larger, creating them sensible cowl from enemies UN agency area unit on status. There’s additionally some rope bridges added to grant players the selection to cross through the world while not having to travel around.

A big amendment is that the Mognai, the farm space settled within the Northeast. Since it didn’t get the required attention within the past, it’s been became associate field. simply to spice things up and make certain that some players think about dropping on this a part of the island, the field features a probability to spawn the Motor heavier-than-air craft.

The docks have additionally been amendment and area unit currently referred to as the entrance. Whereas the docks were fun, it had been noticed to be low once it came to the loot department. This is often currently a loot packed resort city that options a paseo, poolside bars, and even Sanhok’s premiere dance club.

Of course, PUBG Season eight can embody quite simply a restored Sanhok. Here’s the essential summing up (you will get additional elaborated patch notes here)…

When survivors drop into Sanhok, they’ll discover that almost each structure, tree, rock, and material at intervals the map has been restored from very cheap up. Aboard the Sanhok Premaster, Update 8.1 is stuffed with new and thrilling additions, including:

• The Loot Truck: Driving the roads of Sanhok area unit autonomous wares transports that give players a spic-and-span because of fix. As these trucks take harm, they go to drop some loot and continue on their approach. Players persistent enough to destroy the truck area unit progressing to be rewarded with a decent larger cache of weapons and kit for his or her squad.

• Taken Weapons: Players UN agency take down the Loot Truck area unit progressing to be rewarded with absolutely tailored weapons. For the first time ever in PUBG, players will pick-up weapons that accompany pre-installed attachments and distinctive skins.

• New hierarchical Season: a replacement hierarchical season begins with Update eight.1. The season brings a much-requested amendment to evaluation, with hierarchical purpose acquisition currently taking team placement into account.

• Survivor Pass: Payback: related the most recent season is that the most recent Survivor Pass that provides players associate oversized quantity of latest skins to earn as they explore the forgotten paradise of Sanhok.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is accessible currently on laptop, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia. A mobile version is additionally on the market; however it’s on a unique update schedule. PUBG Season eight hits take a look at servers on Gregorian calendar month fifteen on laptop and Gregorian calendar month twenty on consoles/Stadia. The season formally launches on Gregorian calendar month twenty two on laptop and Gregorian calendar month thirty on consoles.

Other further changes include:

• Ruins

The space has been reworked to create the ruins large with loads of loot offered for those brave enough to raid its treasures.

• Mountain

There are currently further pathways that enable players to achieve the highest together with some flanking choices.

• Cave

The cave still has the vertical pool drop however there’s currently a subterranean temple added

• River

There are unit currently additional bridges for players to cross and further cowl on a number of the prevailing bridges.

• Pai Nan/Kaho/Shamee/Kampong

Verticality has been added together with fascinating things to explore. These cities additionally provide new ways that to fight.

• Bhan

• Originally underused and a pain to seem at.

This one has been removed and is currently composed of a standard set of homes.

What does one consider these changes?

PUBG may be a game that pays special attention to making distinctive and fascinating maps, typically drawing inspiration from foreign locales. This new pre-mastered map may be previewed via the laptop take a look at the server on Gregorian calendar month fifteen and therefore the console takes a look at the server on Gregorian calendar month twenty, previous the late-July launch of eight.1. This update is large, and it’s certain to have a giant impact on anyone UN agency frequents Sanhok.

PUBG is accessible currently for Windows, Android, iOs, Xbox One, PlayStation four, and Google Stadia

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