juglo.pk launched in pakistan

Juglo.pk Launched in Pakistan

Sixty percent of Pakistan’s population is young. An estimated 2.5 million young people graduate from Pakistan’s public and private universities each year, but unfortunately the country’s economic woes have prevented them from finding jobs.

Making money through social media has not been difficult in modern times but the problem is that we do not have a Google office here and so far no native has created websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon or Alibaba Express.

Happiness is that the work that could not be done until now has been done now. Shehzad Younas Sheikh, a young man from Faisalabad, Pakistan’s hub for textile, has done what every Pakistani has been anxiously awaiting.

This youngster has been working in the textile and sports industries since a young age. Recently, he launched a company called Juglo.pk.

The company is modeled on Amazon and Alibaba Express, allowing natives to take advantage and introduce their products around the world, including in Europe. So far, Juglo.pk has been launched in 26 countries, including Pakistan.

 One of the advantages of this website is that you can create your own account on the website without any payment. You can then introduce your product to any country in the world. There is no fee or commission on the product for the first ten thousand account creators on Juglo.pk. This is the best gift an inhabitant can give to his countrymen.

Shahzad yonous shaikh owner of juglo.pk
Shahzad Younas Sheikh

In modern times, like other countries, Pakistan’s trend has shifted towards e-commerce and digitalization. In this age of e-commerce, Juglo.pk is no less than a blessing. native should fully support the efforts of Shahzad Younas Sheikh to encourage our youth to come here and brighten the future of themselves and their beloved homeland.

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 The government should take the youth on board and ensure the establishment of such e-commerce companies so that Pakistan’s foreign exchange can increase and business can flourish. When Pakistan becomes economically strong, it will be able to rule the world because, by the grace of Allah our country is rich in geography and natural resources but unfortunately due to the incompetence of our previous rulers we are far behind.

The government of the day must appreciate the talents of the young Shahzad Younas Sheikh and support him so that more young people dare to do their part. Long live Pakistan.

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