Today I will tell you about the history of the Internet which is a very important thing in today’s world.

We are using the internet in our daily life in different ways and it became necessity of every person included younger and older, Meanwhile, I come to my point.


If we try to seen in past then we can’t stay in dark sea of surprise because the human thoughts changed their way very fast in far past and near past. Meanwhile the Information Technology create a huge revolution in our lives that the Earth of Allah is changed in a small global village.


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Today’s our topic is also related of this world and this is “INTERNET”, We will use very simple terms. However, the non-technical person can also understand the history of Internet . Dear Friends the history of Internet also starts with the latest electronic computer in 1950. When the Computer Science laboratories of America, Bar Tania and France searching the way of Wide Area Networking means the connection of wide areas. In 1967 the NATIONAL PHYSICS laboratory of America gets the honor of represent the Internet working on protocol with the connection to the small networks among with each other’s after searching of two Decades.

In 1970 the Robot Each hen and Ven Serf exchange the internet protocol soot into the standard networking protocol after more poignancy.  And after that in 1980 the British scientist Tim Pernach Li from Swaziland founds the latest international internet systems means world wide web. In 1990 the internet brings a huge revolution in the world in the way of tradition, trades, technology, which is electronic mail, quick messages response, voice over protocol, telephone calls and two ways video calls connections.

It’s the time of 1996 when the people are very short whose get benefit from the internet compare these days. In these remarkable days the Internet world introduced from google search engine which collects the different tousy knowledge in the information world and take the benefit to users that can access to the educational and informational world. And then the advent of big websites like MSN and YAHOO take an important part in this informational sea.

That was the time when the users share their information though just written and pictures, but just after few years the day of 5th February 2005 takes the importance a golden remarkable day when the YOUTUBE introduced the video sharing and create hubbub in this world. You will surprise to hear that in 1993 just 1% information share through telecommunication, and then in 2000 it jumped up 51% and in 2007 this average access to 97%. You can idea from it that google and other social networks brings a revolution in the information world in few years.

If we don’t talk about Facebook it’s not good, Facebook, put the name in 2004 but takes an important part in just few years. This Facebook brings a huge revolution in 2011 when the miser public underneath their government through this Facebook, and now this time internet just not access to our homes while access in our pockets which is used just not by a citizen while a villager get benefit using this internet. we will see that in the future this Internet facility bring what kind of revolution in this world and how which ways can reflect our lives.

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