Every child is a genius in his own way

Every child is a genius in his own way

Every child is a genius in his own way. Children have God gifted different agility by nature. Some children have a unique perception as some of them have different ideologies by nature as some are mentally strong, whereas some have special aptitude or ability for doing something unique.

It would be totally unfair to push a child to do something that he is not capable to do because every child is a genius in his own way and has a different pace to achieve his success. I better figure out that some of us parents and teachers do not understand this when it comes to studies. We basically do not open our minds and do not give freedom to do whatever they desire to do. We should understand that every child is not similar to another. Let them think in their own way by realizing their own strengths. Let them think out of the box in their natural interest. Let them become a genius in their own way.

Growth and development:

Every child is a genius
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Many children grow and develop at a different pace to achieve the next level. Most children follow the same criteria but some of them directly jump at their final destination where they want to go. As we can say some genius children skip crawling and finally start to walk.

However, It is not possible for all the children of the same age, being a parent or teacher; they do not want to hurry that their child develops more rapidly with full potential.

Teach them how to achieve goals without any fear and full of hope. Does something that can make them feel better?

Child’s Specialty:

child is a genius

Most of the children have never known how to reach their goals. They never know how to engage physically or mentally in order to attain the best on their own because they do not want to be a part of the competition.

They want to raise their skills or specialty to achieve something better than anyone else. We have to just forget about what other children are doing at the same age.

Enhance their specialty to learn and grow up at an appropriate pace. Encourage and persuade them, and provide them a pleasant workplace to achieve goals.

Innovative thinker:

child is a genius

Do you want your child to reach their goals? Do you want your child to think out of the box? Do you want your child to be more creative than others at the same age?

Every child is an innovative thinker, as your child grows up it inquires many questions related to nature, it is most important to answer their thoughtful questions that make a child an innovative thinker.

It makes a child learn naturally. Innovative thinkers can often be found thinking or questioning out of the box, at their own pace. They might have a plan about what so ever they are thinking on. They often come up with innovative thoughts that differ from the same age fellows.

Innovation ditinguishes between a leader and a follower

Steve Jobs

Strength of a Child:

Every child is a genius
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Every child has its own strength and learning style and the journey to become genius varies from child to child that enables him to achieve his goal at a different pace. Some of the children have extraordinary traits and thoughtful strengths that come naturally but it is necessary to enhance these strengths in a child by acting as a mentor.

Accept the differences found at the same-aged children. Focus on the children’s strength can help them reach their goals successfully rather than focusing on their weaknesses, understand the fact that there is no fixed age in which a child achieve his goals.

As a caregiver, we need to enhance their strengths in his pace because every child is a unique individual and has unique strengths. Their strengths must be understood by their parents and teachers in their oneness and it must be respected.

Let children allow to learn at their ease and achieve their goals. Accept their natural strength and do not impose your ideas on them if they really want to do something better than their age fellows. A bigger idea is a result of an active mindset.

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