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Equipment needed for baby portraits and baby photography studio

Capturing photos with a DSLR looks like an easy job, but it requires a photographer to learn specific skills. A photographer has to master the art, especially when it comes to starting a newborn baby photography or baby portraits photography studio. Beginning with that sort of job needs more effort and hard work to do, and having the right pieces of equipment adds four-fold to this business.

What’s the Best Place, Studio, or Baby’s Home?

It doesn’t matter if you own a studio or go to a baby’s home. Whatever the scenario may be, newborn baby photography or baby portraits photography can prove to be both challenging and rewarding. Therefore, the primary consideration should be the safety of the baby. More importantly, the poses of the baby require more attention with special care. For a lot of photographers, the most challenging case of this sort of photography is dealing with new parents. Be prepared for all these things before starting a newborn photography studio. 

Want To Start Newborn baby photography and Baby Portraits Photography Studio?

Photography has different types; every sort has its dynamics with its equipment. The photographer of that particular type of photography is master at skills. If you are planning for the starting of a newborn baby photography and baby portraits photography studio, then you must read this article as it will guide you in acquiring the right types of equipment needed for opening the studio.

As a newborn photographer, the most crucial thing is finding a budget-friendly place for the photography business so that rent could be paid easily. Establishing the studio at the right location can also benefit the business. 

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Equipment for Newborn Shoot or Baby Portraits Photography Studio

As it is about the newborn shoot and baby portraits photography, studio, therefore, the studio must have a few types of equipment and other essential things such as lightings, reflectors, backdrops and stands, beanbags, and more. Let’s discuss the equipment, excluding cameras and lenses.

1. Lightings

Lightings for newborn shoots and baby portraits photography can be different from other sorts of photography. Newborn feel irritated with high-intensity flashes, and it affects them as their body is so sensitive. Try to buy those lightings that make the studio clearer so that shoots become more visible, and the subject get an enormous amount of light. So, the best solution is using safe lightings such as softbox, light reflector, and diffuser.

2. Reflectors with Stand

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If you are going to set up the studio in a way so that natural light gets entered into it, then reflectors are a necessary option. If you are planning to shoot newborn photos using natural light, therefore reflectors are a must tool to modify that light. The best and affordable reflector recommended by the experts is Westcott Photo Basics 5-in-1. As babies’ pose lasts for seconds, to capture that moment, reflectors should be ready so as not to let go that moment. Also, for holding the reflectors so that it could not move, reflector stand is equipment that you need to make your newborn photography studio look professional.  

3. Reflector Holder

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In addition, a reflector holder is another piece of equipment that you need for the studio. Without a reflector holder, you cannot hold reflector smoothly by any trick. For making your newborn photography studio look professional, you have to buy it. There are various reflector holders available in the market and online stores. Try to buy an inexpensive and better quality holder as you are starting with a new business. Moreover, when you purchase a reflector holder, do consider the following things as a priority.

  • Height 
  • Weight
  • Size  
  • Mount Compatibility

4. Backdrops and Stand

A backdrop is a painted cloth that is hung on the back of the subject. Every parent wants her baby’s photos to look beautiful, and a backdrop is a perfect choice for making the background of the image more beautiful and stunning, so that baby’s picture looks attractive. As a newborn shoot or baby portraits photographer, you have to buy a few backdrops for the studio with different styles for shooting photos with diverse backgrounds.

Also, for holding the backdrop in your newborn shoot studio to look professional, you have to buy a backdrop stand. The main benefit of a backdrop stand is that it is simple and easy to fit or remove. You don’t have to hassle when you want to relocate your photography studio. There are a lot of backdrops stands available in the market, but the best choice by experts is Julius Studio Photo Video Studio.

5. Props and Other Accessories 

To avoid spending money on expensive props, you have to become creative and start with a small amount and find cute things and interesting accessories for your newborn shoot or baby portraits photography studio. They are in many different variants, including hats, baskets, fabrics, funny costumes, bands, and more.

While buying, always remember that the props should be safe and do not harm a baby. The best choices are wool, paper, and cotton. The cotton towel is one of the accessories that will give you various backgrounds. Don’t worry about the color shades or reflecting tones that may alter the baby’s skin color. It can easily be corrected while editing captured images.

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6. Bed, Beanbag, and Other Accessories

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Other pieces of equipment that you need for the studio are a bed, beanbag, and other accessories such as crib mattresses. The beanbag is the ultimate priority for every newborn photographer. For shooting baby poses, you need a beanbag and hanging bed to make shoots more attractive. Besides, another essential accessory that is required is the few blankets with different colors that can be layered over the beanbag. 

7. Posing Pillows

Besides, you also need a few posing pillows with different colors. Shooting a baby’s pose with a single pillow or same color looks awkward; therefore, you must have to buy a few posing pillows. Parents always want their baby looks beautiful in photos, and they want to protect the baby’s every smile and pose in the picture, so as a newborn shoot photographer, you have to provide quality work to your clients. And the quality of work can be supplied with such accessories.

8. Space Heater

As babies don’t usually wear clothes during shooting sessions; therefore, for keeping them warm, you have to provide them every possible facility; the best available option is buying a space heater. With a space heater, you don’t have to hassle for turning the outside heat into the room. You have to invest in a small and inexpensive space heater or any heating pad. Shoot babies pose with warm temperature.

9. White Noise Machine

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Furthermore, a white noise machine is an instrument and handy tool for producing sounds that produce drowsiness and make a baby asleep. It can be helpful when a baby cries or move here and there, so you can stop the movement of a baby by letting him sleep with the sound of that machine. A lot of times, moms get benefit from it as the device provides an opportunity for them to get sleep as well. However, there are cons of the machine’s sound with potential risks as well.

As a newborn shoot or baby portraits photographer, you must educate yourself as to how to and when to operate that machine and to go through its pros and cons. The point is that the baby’s safety is the utmost priority and doesn’t harm her by too much noise, for that you have to ensure the safe and effective methods of a white noise machine’s usage.

9. Cleaning Items

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As you know, babies don’t wear anything while shooting, so there is a great probability that you may face some accidents during your shooting session. Always prepare for the inevitable and stock baby wipes, paper towels, and other baby-safe cleaning items. In addition, buy puppy potty pads that help make clean-up easier. More importantly, don’t forget to purchase hand sanitizing gel.

Once you buy all these necessary items and equipment that you need for your newborn photography studio, then educate yourself and find ways to handle babies properly. Make ensure the safety and comfortable experience for babies’ parents during the shoot.


In a nutshell, for opening a newborn shoot or baby portraits photography studio, the first and foremost thing you have to do is finding a best and budget-friendly place. Find an affordable place so that you can pay the rent as per your budget. Additionally, you need several pieces of equipment such as lightings, reflectors with stand, reflector holder, backdrops, props, and other accessories.

You have to ensure the safety of a baby, and that is why buying the equipment accordingly. Lightings for the studio should be safe and do not pose any harm to a baby; therefore, safe lightings are diffuser and softbox. Also, reflectors will make your studio look professional and modify the light. Backdrops will also add four-folds to the studio as every parent wants her baby to look beautiful in captured images. More importantly, beanbags and posing pillows will provide comfort to a baby, and shooting becomes incredible. Besides, other important things you need in the studio are cleaning items so that you can avoid any incident. The point is buying baby wipes, towels, and hand sanitizing gel.

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