HOW DID AMAZON GET SO BIG? AMAZON.COM SUCCESS STORY is an American international electronic commerce company that is founded by effeff Bezos in 5th July 1994.

It’s the largest internet retailer of the world according to its revenue and market capitalization, in the starting was just sell online books they had just online bookstore there were few peoples who worked on online book selling after that they extend their work and diversified it in audio and video streaming.

By passing the days they were selling audio, video download/streaming audio books, toys, furniture, food, electronic items, and many other things.

Choosing a name

Jeff Bezos thought that he choose his company name he selected his company name through reading by the dictionary, He finalized, it means a place which is “different and exotic” and he was also want something different after that he noted that the Amazon is the largest river of the world so, he planned that he also make a bookstore which will the largest of the world he also care of this thing the letter “A” is the first letter in whole alphabets means most important and he knew that his company will the top of list of other companies.

Online bookstore and IPO

After reading the report about internet futures Bezos created a list of 20 products which could be marketed online, he narrowed his list and included five most promising products which were a compact disc, computer hardware, computer software, video, and books.

When he felt that the demand for literacy is increasing in the world he sold online books, the books were in print and that had a huge number of titles at a low price. Bezos’s parents gave him $250.000 at the beginning of his business.

This company started its online services in July 1995 as an online bookstore, the first book sold on sold was Douglas Hofstadter, in the first two months, Amazon sold their books in 50 states and over 45 countries.

Amazon from 2010 to present

In the USA, Amazon had 30.000 full-time employees in 2011 by the end of 2016 it had 180.000 employees,

In the USA, Amazon had 30.000 full-time employees in 2011 by the end of 2016 it had 180.000 employees, In June 2017 Amazon announced that they acquire whole food a supermarket chain which will over 400 stores.

The federal trade commission approved the deal of food whole shareholders as well as on August 23, 2017, in September 2017 Amazon announced that they plan to locate a second headquarters with at least a million people in the metropolitan area, by the name of HQ2 project cities needed to submit their presentations on 19 October 2017.

In 2017 Amazon blast that it would build a new downtown Seattle building which has a local charity in 2020 for Mary’s place. Amazon had 566.000 employees in September 2017.

In August 2018 Amazon has about a 5% share of U.S and 43.5 American shares online spending, from the U.S Amazon’s revenue is two-thirds. Amazon added 12 antennas for the satellite’s data to make data transfer from cheaper and easier in November 2018.

Jeff Bezos’s seven rules of success

The success depends upon your hard working your thoughts and your inspirations.

Amazon got success in the world due to Mr. Jeff Bezos because he worked day and night for its success and worked hard to make its the largest company in the world, Jeff tells us seven rules of success and these are here.

1: Passion for invention, You should care about your costumer’s eccentricity, long-term thinking and you should have the passion for inventions.

2: Be passionate, you should make yourself be passionate, and then you can do everything better.

3: Be realistic, you should be realistic about you are doing it is very important for any success.

4: Minimize regrets, it is an important rule of your success minimize the number of regrets, Jeff says when he faced terrible and loss in his business he and his wife didn’t lose the stamina they minimized their regrets.

5: Step by step ferociously, you should improve your skill that is step by step ferociously, He said the blue origin is an example of it you can’t skip any step you must face step by step ferociously.

6: Control stress, Bezos tells us the six rules of success is that you have a trick to take action to control stress, Stress can affect your life and your success and that’s why it is very important that you should realize your stress in different right ways when you feel stressed you ignore it.

7: Be Clear, if you want to get success its need to be straightforward and be clear you tell your opinions and thoughts in clear words and other peoples can easily understand your opinions.

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