Astonishing 2019 Tesla Model 3 In-Depth

Astonishing 2019 Tesla Model 3 In-Depth


Initially, the first 30 units of 2019 Tesla Model 3 was launched on 28th July with a price tag of $35,000. Later on, Tesla raised Model 3 prices and discontinued its availability online.

Though Tesla is already known for its incorporation of autopilot technology in its vehicles which has been ruling in the automobiles industry since its inception, the new 2019 Tesla model 3 has taken the electric vehicles concept to the next level.

Keeping in view the increasing demand for green cars “Electric vehicles” yet in the budget as well, Tesla took an initiative and introduced its compact luxury model 3 sedans. Tesla Model 3 comes in multiple variants ranging from 240 miles for the basic standard range plus battery and which goes as high as 310 miles for the long battery.

Price and Variants

There are mainly four variants of Tesla Model 3, the price differences vary according to the capacity of battery and car’s features. Standard Range Battery has been tagged for $36,600, followed by standard range plus battery which is available in around $41,100. Whereas, the long-range battery is quite expensive as compared to the other two variants which you can get in $51,100. Furthermore, performance is extremely lavish and high-priced amongst all variants, which is labeled for $61,100.

However, standard range plus battery has been the most preferred variant amongst Tesla’s customers. It comes with a battery capacity of 54 kWh which generates 240 miles driving range that seems to be enough for regular drivers.

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Powertrain, Charging, and Performance

When it comes to features specifically powertrain, charging, and performance of the vehicle, Tesla has discreetly considered every aspect to make 2019 Tesla model 3 comfortable, durable and fast. Unlike, other electric vehicles EVs model 3 gains speed sharply, smoothly and almost silently. The robust electric motor has a tendency to generate strong power from the initial point.

When it was tested Long-range model sprinted from zero to 60 mph in just a matter of seconds which was observed to be at 5.1 seconds. Whereas the performance model rocketed to 60 mph as fast as the eye blinks which noted only at 3.5 seconds and this was faster than the other electric vehicles which lie in this category.

The battery in model 3 has been placed under the floor in order to keep the center of gravity low, which helps in shifting the direction smoothly and feel stable while taking turns. The steering of the model 3 is well weighted and it comes with three different adjustments option so that the driver could set it according to his height and comfort. The drive of the car is firm and smooth; as opposed to fuel-powered engines it is noiseless, however, you will hear plenty of noise inside the cabin when the tires drag over the pavement imperfections.

Driving Range and MPGe

All the variants of 2019 tesla model 3 were rated between 116 MPGe and 133 MPGe by Environmental Protect Agency (EPA). Model 3 offers several different charging options which include: Tesla’s fast-charging stations which are called superchargers and it roughly takes 30 minutes to charge 10% to 80%. Besides, public charging stations are also available which takes around 40 to 60 minutes and on the other hand, you can also charge it from home which will take around 22 to 33 hours.

However, the charging rate differs according to the ambient temperature and state of the battery (e.g empty or half) and it also depends on the chargers and volts you use to charge your battery.

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Interior, Infotainment, and Boot Capacity

The interior of the 2019 Tesla model 3 is overwhelmingly simple, unlike other electric vehicles. You will see that almost everything is controlled by the sophisticated massive touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. The front seats of the model 3 are very cozy, supportive and comfortable. As for the rear seats are congested and uncomfortable, the person with long height and legs may find it uncomfortable.

Though Navigation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity options are standard, model 3 does not offer AM radio and satellite radio. A wide variety of internet streaming radio options is also standard.

Model 3 provides enough boot space for hauling large suitcases. However, folding rear seats is simple and you can expand considerable trunk space by folding rear seats. There is also a space available in the bonnet of the car where you can adjust small bags, hand carry, and toolbox. Furthermore, model 3 has generous sized bins throughout the cabin.

Safety Features

Model 3 has been evaluated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it bagged a perfect score of 5 stars. Moreover, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety entitled it as one of the safety Pick+. On the other hand, Tesla is already known for its best driver-assist features in the automobile industry such as autopilot with smooth operations and its artificial intelligence system has the potential to shift lane automatically. However, the Tesla Model 3 package includes safety and assistance features like automated emergency braking system, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control.

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